What to Do If You Consume Too Much Cannabis?

Medical Cannabis has a terrible reputation due to its controversial status. It has been an illicit substance for years, and slowly the states are realizing plant’s medicinal benefits, which is why it is getting legalized state-wise. But the contentious status requires legal permissions. The plant has curative properties that can help treat several health conditions by mitigating its symptoms.

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However, consuming too much marijuana can be dangerous. Being a natural plant, it has a component that can make you feel high, and so it is essential to consume it in the recommended dosage. Too much consumption of Medical Cannabis is known as “Cannabis Overdose.” If you are looking for the answer to this question of too much marijuana consumption, then you have come to the right place. Here’s all you need to know about it.

What is Cannabis overdose?

You must be wondering that even when the plant is natural and used since ancient times, how can we say that there is a possibility of overdosing the herb? The answer to the question is that yes, it is possible to overdose on Cannabis. However, this overdose is not fatal like an alcoholic overdose. When we talk about the other alcoholic substances, it directly affects the respiratory system leading to central respiratory depression. On the other hand, if we talk about Cannabis, it does not cause major respiratory depression.

But yes, when you consume Cannabis too much, then it may simply have an uncomfortable psychoactive experience or make you fall asleep. However, the negative side-effects of overdosing Cannabis usually dispel in a few hours. The overdoses with edible Cannabis are more significant as edibles take a longer time for the body to metabolize. The effects can take around 30 minutes to two hours to completely express. While using edibles, it is highly recommended to begin with half of a dose and let it work up to two hours after your first treatment.

But do you know how you can figure out the Cannabis overdose? Let us see what symptoms will indicate the cannabis overdose.

Symptoms of Cannabis overdose!

  • Consumption of too much Cannabis can lead to temporary discomfort.
  • Fatigue
  • Paranoia
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Skewed movement
  • Decreased blood pressure

However, the effects of Cannabis overdose can be manageable as long as you can maintain a calm mindset and get yourself to a relaxed environment.

What to do if you have a “Medical Cannabis Overdose”?

Even if you have a cannabis overdose, you can perform a few things to make you feel better. But first of all, you have to stay calm; there is no need to panic as the Cannabis itself is not going to harm you. However, after the overdose, you can perform the following things to get through the overdose experience. Let us have a closer look at it.

1. Try black pepper: Black pepper has terpene known as beta-caryophyllene that helps alleviate the THC’s psychoactive effects. So, try chewing some fresh black pepper balls.

2. Consume some CBD: If you have some CBD-rich products at your home, consuming them can help alleviate THC-induced anxiety. CBD is effective due to its synergistic interaction with THC.

3. Focus on something of your interest: Diverting your mind can help handle the psychoactive experience. Choose to perform some activities of your interest and divert the burden of psychoactive feeling that is constantly popping in your mind.

4. Change the environment: Changing the environment can be an effective way of handling the experience. You can choose to turn on some loud music, get some fresh air or any other way.

Well, with this, you must be thinking about that; then what will be the correct dosage of Cannabis? The proper and fixed-dose recommendation for everyone can be illogical as the herb reacts differently on the different patients, and choosing a fixed dose for everyone might not work.

Being an illicit drug, medical marijuana access requires a valid medical marijuana card as legal permission. However, it is highly recommended to get your condition checked and settle on mmj doctor’s recommended dosage. The dosage varies from patient to patient based on the health conditions requirement. So, the patients need to get evaluated by a licensed doctor to get legal access to medical marijuana treatment.

Final Thoughts!!

Medical marijuana treatment is making a way to get the legal status, and doctors recommend it to treat several debilitating health conditions. But it is essentially required to note that each health condition demands a different dosage which may also vary based on the patient’s condition and overall treatment dosage. So, medical marijuana consumption must be done with mmj doctors’ advice only. But apart from it being a conflict-driven drug, medical marijuana requires legal permissions. A Medical Marijuana Card is a standalone document that allows patients to legally consume and possess medical marijuana and keeps them protected from legal issues.

Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card online with My MMJ Doctor and get the correct dosage with a licensed doctor’s recommendation. With a valid card, you don’t need to worry about anything and access medical marijuana products in the recommended dosage.

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My MMJ Doctor is working with a commitment to providing the easy, simple, and uncomplicated way of acquiring Marijuana legally.

My MMJ Doctor is working with a commitment to providing the easy, simple, and uncomplicated way of acquiring Marijuana legally.