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Medical Marijuana Card

Having a Medical Marijuana Card with you indicates that you are federally secure from getting into trouble to possess, consume or cultivate marijuana for medicinal purposes.

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Why should you keep a Medical Cannabis Card?

You probably heard about a Medical Marijuana Card, but do you know that it comes with several benefits as well? Are you familiar with those benefits? No? Don’t worry, we have compiled it for you. There are several reasons why you should always keep your MMJ Cord with you. Let us take a closer look at it:

Acquire Quality Medical Marijuana Products: A medical marijuana card can endow you with legal access to high-quality medical marijuana products. This goes without saying that a better quality marijuana product means better treatment. So, no more compromise on quality.

Tax Exemption: Medical marijuana is a curative remedy, but the high-quality strains are pricey too, which can badly affect your pocket. But do you know that acquiring a Medical Marijuana Card can save a lot? Yes. The MMJ card holders are exempted from paying certain limits of taxes. However, the limit varies from state to state.

Underage benefits: A patient over 21 years is allowed to access cannabis, but with a medical marijuana card, a minor patient can also access the medical marijuana treatment. Isn’t it great news? Indeed it is. States have now offered medical marijuana treatment to patients over 18.

What Documentation Do I Need for the Application?

State Residential Proof

A valid Identity Proof

A working email address

A colored and clear passport size photograph

How Do I Apply for the Card?

Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card Online is not a complicated process. Apply online with My MMJ Doctor and acquire one from your home’s comfort.

Step 1

Schedule an appointment with a Medical Doctor: Begin the process by signing up online with accurate details and scheduling an appointment with a licensed state medical doctor. Although this step requires some essential documents as well, so make sure to be ready with it.

Step 2

Connect with a medical doctor via Virtual Evaluation Process: Next, you will connect to a Medical Professional through virtual conferencing for the evaluation. Before connecting with them, you will get your appointment details over an email, and the doctor will reach you in the scheduled timings for the assessment.

Step 3

Receive your Medical Marijuana Approval: If your health condition gets approved, you will get a recommendation letter instantly or in a few days. Get a valid card at your doorstep and access the marijuana treatment legally.

Who are we?

We, at My MMJ Doctor, are a healthcare organization that strives to endow users with legitimate permissions to treat their debilitating health conditions with marijuana’s curative properties. It is an online platform that encourages the safer use of medical marijuana and guides them with the Medical Marijuana products purchased from licensed dispensaries. Our medical doctors are serving 24 X 7 to people with certain health issues seeking access to medical marijuana.

What makes us different from others?

Hassle-free process: We strive to offer the easy to go and hassle-free application process so that patients seeking legitimate services don’t get troubled due to complex and lengthy procedures. Follow a three-step process, and you are done.

Data Security: Data security is a priority concern for the users and service providers. Compromising on data privacy is not acceptable, and so My MMJ Doctors abide by all the HIPAA rules.

Quality assurance: We not only focus on providing quality for cards but also on providing quality treatment. With the commitment of legitimate service that provides access to high-quality strains, benefits, and connects to the licensed medical doctors.

Ease of access: Instead of rushing to the manual procedures and running for the treatments, acquire everything from the comfort of your homes and drop all the manual processes to get one.

SSL Checkouts: While making the online payments, we keep a strong check that any essential details do not get leaked. My MMJ Doctors every online transaction is SSL covered so that nobody can access it anonymously.

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My MMJ Doctor is working with a commitment to providing the easy, simple, and uncomplicated way of acquiring Marijuana legally.